Sunday, June 11, 2006


Some call me Alex. Others, Mari. But here, here in the Blogosphere, I am Aux. And I, unlike many of my blogging brethren, do not consider myself "strongly opinionated". I won't use this space to push my agenda on anybody else, because quite frankly I think that's asshattish at best. Your blog shouldn't prove you're a fucking idiot without a clue, and that's exactly what I'm trying to get away from here.

"But what will your blog contain, Aux," you ask tenderly, "if not your opinions? I thought that's what a blog was. Oh God," you add, revulsion written in every line on your face, "this isn't going to be one of those dumb here's-everything-I-did-today-even-if-you-don't-give-a-damn blogs, is it?"


"But then... what other kind of blog is there? Is this a repost-every-Slashdot-article blog?"

Not that either.

"Please tell me this isn't a here's-my-lame-emo-poetry and why-I-have-to-cut-myself-to-stay-alive blogs."

No, that's what Myspace is for.

"Well, then, what are you going to put here? You've got to write something for it to be a blog, after all..." you trail, puzzled.

I'm going to post my opinions.

"Aha!" you exclaim, an accusing finger wagging at the computer screen. "I knew you were lying! You said no opinions! This is going to be one of those I'm-a-fucking-political-idiot-who-shouldn't-be-allowed-to-vote" blogs."

I didn't say no opinions. I said I wouldn't force my agenda on everybody, like this. I'm just going to comment on stuff I feel is worth commenting on. Sort of like a newspaper columnist. In fact, very much like a newspaper columnist. Or, for those of you who've forgotten what a newspaper is or never picked one up in the first place, kind of like Bill O'Reilly. Except more factual and less splotchy.